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South Australia: The next mining boom state?

While Western Australia and Queensland have experienced extraordinary financial windfalls from the mining industry, South Australia has languished despite its enormous untapped resource potential.  But two major policy events this year are likely to set the State on a course of rapid expansion in the mining industry that will fundamentally change its fate for the century to come.  The challenge for the State Government is to ensure the financial benefits are directed into capacity building projects that will breathe life and energy into Adelaide and the regions. Read more


A High Speed Train to Prosperity?

Catching the TGV high speed train from Paris to Marseille would have to be one of the most enjoyable travel experiences the world has to offer. The swift but smooth motion, the vistas of the French country side and the comfort of the seats, all serve to induce a meditative state and a sense of physical and spiritual journey. High Speed Trains have been connecting the major cities and regions of Western Europe for decades, where it has become ingrained as an iconic form of travel for tourists and residents alike. Read more