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Grand Strategy Australia is designed to provide a public forum where we can project our thoughts and ideas decades into the future, and consider how the seeds we plant today will impact Australia in generations to come.  It is the home of big thinking, and positive thinking about innovative ideas for our future.

Traditionally, Grand Strategies have most often been related to military and diplomatic strategies, but the approach of this forum is to view the system as a whole, and avoid such a narrow focus.  Economics, international relations, technology, philosophy, infrastructure, arts and more will be on the agenda.

The philosophy of the project is one of human progress, whereby the courageous pursuit of grand ideas is to be encouraged and applauded.  But at all times this must be tempered by the need to maintain a commitment to moral action, accept our responsibilities within the international system and exist harmoniously within our natural environment.

Australia is a great nation, oft quoted as the ‘lucky country’, and offering one of the highest quality of living standards in the world.  But it wasn’t luck that built our cities, or created our democratic society.  It was the vision and hard work of past generations.  It is our duty to continue the progress of our nation, by building the foundations to capture opportunities and face the challenges of the future.



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